What A Mess


Kymberly Jane and Nicole Oring mud wrestle!

Length: 12 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Nicole Oring wades into the mud wrestling ring confident of a victory against Kymberly Jane. Kym pounces on Nicole and they tumble into the mud. Nicole scrambles to control Kym with an arm around her neck. But Kym slips out and places Nicole in a scissor hold. Once free, Nicole takes her revenge with a brutal attack between Kym’s legs. Nicole humiliates Kym by smushing her face into the mud while bounding on top of her. Kym’s clean boobs make an appearance as her bikini top is yanked off. Kym is able to push Nicole’s face into the mud before receiving a muddy wedgie. A sleeper hold is the only thing to end this muddy mess.

Download includes high quality HD and SD mp4 files.


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