Play Dirty, Get Dirty


Samantha Grace and Sarah Brooke learn that in mud wrestling, if you play dirty, you get dirty.

Length: 19 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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From the start, this match is a struggle for dominance – trying to find the right grip, the right hold, the right way to control your opponent. Sarah has some initial success as she wraps her arm around Samantha’s neck, slowing choking her out. Sam gets free and shocks Sarah by pulling off her top. But Sarah know just how to respond, she grabs Sam’s nipples.

Arms flailing through the pain, Samantha manages to grab hold of a bikini bottom and gives Sarah a painful wedgie. Sarah turns the tables on Samantha, and gives her a wedgie and uses it to lead her around the mud wrestling ring on all fours. The bikini becomes and instrument of pain and control, as Samantha chokes Sarah with it. Sarah is able to break free and puts Samantha into a painful arm stretch.

They tug at each other bikini bottoms until they are both naked. Samantha humiliates Sarah making her shake her muddy booty. Then Sarah pull Sam into her chest, ensuring her face is smothered in boob-mud. Samantha starts twisting Sarah’s toes. She shrieks in pain and breaks free, pinching Sam’s nipples hard before twisting them until Samantha screams. Grabbing both of her breasts, Sam forces Sarah onto her back.

Dirty moves escalate as a round of hair pulling begins. Sarah gets total control over Samantha, but the victory is short lived. A painful, shoulder popping stretch puts Sarah in her place. But who will learn that lesson that if you play dirty, you get dirty?

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