Sibling Rivalry


Sara and Samantha are catfighting sisters dueling it out in the mud!

Length: 18 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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What could be better than two sister spending time together at the spa? Anything, for these two!

Sibling dynamics can lead to conflict, and such is the case when Samantha Grace and Sara Liz indulge in a relaxing mud bath. After disrobing, the nude duo lower themselves into the goo. Sara is nervous and uptight about getting dirty. Samantha, on the other hand, is very playfully and encourages Sara to get even muddier. The two rub mud on each others naked bodies.

Samantha begins to tease Sara with mud, revealing herself to be a sadistic older sister. Sara retreats like a whinny little bitch. The muddy assault escalates until Sara push Samantha into the mud. The two begin to catfight in the mud. Samantha gets Sara into a series of holds, dominating and mocking her. Sara wants it to end but Samantha keeps up the torment, getting on top of Sara and forcing her face into the mud. Sara does not find it funny at all and feebly tries to retaliate. Samantha bullies and humiliates her. Sara wants out of the mud fight but she is no match for Samantha. Will Sara finally find the strength to confront her bulling older sister?

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