Kymberly Jane battles newcomer Casey Calvert in her first mud wrestling match!

Length: 12 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Casey Calvert has her first mud wrestling experience.  It is the perfect opportunity to settle her long simmering disagreement with Kymberly Jane.  After some pushing and shoving, the two spring into action.  Rolling and tumbling, legs intertwined, Casey is able to tear off Kym’s outfit!  Exposed and infuriated, Kym gets on top of Casey and bounces up and down on her, crushing her with each muddy body slam.  Casey is able to slither out from underneath Kym, and strangle her with her own bathing suit.

These fighting females will claw, choke, and punish each other until only one is victorious!

Download includes high quality HD and SD mp4 files.


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