Old Glory


Who will represent America, Casey’s Stars & Stripes or Kym’s Old Glory?

Length: 14 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kymberly Jane is shocked to see Casey Calvert wearing an American Flag bikini as she has been chosen to represent the flag in a conservative one-piece bathing suit with an American flag motif. This conflict leads to a civil war as the duo mud wrestle to decide which woman is more patriotic.  Kym forces Casey to “take a knee” in the mud before wrapping her legs around her in a tight scissor hold. They roll around in the mud before Casey’s bikini bottom is pulled down so Kym can spank her. Casey gets on top of Kym and pulls off her one-piece and mauls her breasts. Some blows to the belly and Kym finds herself in a camel clutch.

Who will best represent America, Casey’s Stars and Stripes or Kym’s Old Glory?

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