Muddy Knockout

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Kendra and Kym mud wrestle until one of them is unconscious.

Length: 10 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kendra James accidentally kicks some mud onto Kymberly Jane, soiling her new bikini. Kym grabs her arm and throws her down into the mud. Kendra responds by splashing mud right across Kym’s breasts. They lock in violent embrace and tumble sideways into the mud. Kendra crawls on top of Kym pinning her arms down. Kym breaks free and pounces on Kendra. But Kendra will have non of that and gets Kym on her back covering her with clumps of icky mud. Kym turns the tables and humiliates Kendra by plopping a mound of mud on her hair and rubbing it in. Kendra attacks Kym and repeatedly slams her face into the mud. Once Kym catches her breath, she locks her legs around Kendra’s waist and squeezes tight! Now it’s Kym’s turn to push Kendra’s face into the mud. Kym rips off Kendra’s bikini top, and then finds her own breasts mauled by Kendra. Kendra pulls off Kym’s bikini bottom and taunts her. Time to spank that muddy bare bottom. Kym places Kendra in a hold and forces her face into the mud. The fighting continues as they roll around in the mud on top of each other. Kendra climbs on top of Kym who refuses to submit.

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1 review for Muddy Knockout

  1. robbie gass (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of WAM for years and this might just be my favorite video. Well done

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