Lingerie Tap Out


Kymberly Jane and Cali Logan face off for lingerie mud wrestling.

Length: 13 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kymberly Jane and Cali Logan face off for lingerie mud wrestling.

The rules for the fight are read, the bell rings, and the bout begins. They tussle back and forth as the mud splatters their almost nude bodies. The two fall sideways and Cali grabs both of Kym’s arms and yanks them back into a painful muddy hold! Kym breaks free and tumbles on top of Cali as they both get back to their knees. Hands locked together, they vie for dominance. Kym breaks her grip and claws at Cali tits – a clear violation of the rules! Cali fights back and wraps her legs around Kym’s neck and squeezes tight. Once released, Kym scrambles to stand and places a foot between Cali’s legs! Ripe with anger, Cali uses her legs to pin Kym’s head under the mud, winning the first round! Cali shows Kym that she hasn’t scored yet by drawing a big “Zero” on her mud covered chest. She then pulls down her top and mauls her breasts. Kym does the same to Cali before being bent over Cali’s knee. Escaping the spine snaping move, Kym locks an arm around Cali’s neck and and chokes her. Once again Cali uses her powerful legs to pin Kym face down in the mud, but she can’t hold her long enough. Getting motorboated by a pair of muddy boobs, Cali wriggles away. Kym contends with a series of painful holds. No match for Cali, the superior wrestler, her only recourse is to break the rules until the match tied. The two become locked in a muddy death roll. You must determine the winner of this bout!

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