Satin Dolls


Kym and Cali are mud wrestling cat fighters in their classy exotic satin attire!

Length: 10 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kym and Cali show off their classy exotic satin attire. Not one to be upstaged by the temptress in red, Cali pushes Kym into the mud. Asking for a hand to help her out, Kym pulls Cali into the mud. After a tit-for-tat exchange of mud slinging, the two begin to fight. First Cali is on top of Kym, then Kym is dominates Cali as the two roll around the mud wrestling ring. Cali sits on Kym with her muddy butt in Kym’s face. Kym locks her legs around Cali’s neck and throws her onto her side. Kym slithers on to Cali pinning her in the mud, but she slips out. Kym slaps Cali across the face and she responds by pulling Kym’s face into her muddy boob. Kym pushes her away and attacks her from behind, humiliating her by humping her doggy style in the mud. The two continue to fight, their bodies slipping and sliding over each other in the mud. After some face dunking and tit slapping, the two are able to reconcile.

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