Red Neck Wrestlin


Identical twin sisters from different mothers demonstrate their mud wrestling skills.

Length: 12 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kymberly Jane and Kendra James play Shake & Bake – identical sisters from different mothers. As they demonstrate their mud wrestling technique, things get a little too real when Kym (Shake) pulls Kendra (Bake) into the mud.  Bake accuses Shake of cheating and climbs on top of her and rips open her shirt.  Remembering that they have an upcoming performance at the state fair, they return to the demonstration of various mud wrestling techniques.  But once again the demonstration wrestling becomes violent and personal…especially when they discover they like the same guy.  What was once a friendly training event becomes a violent dispute to be settled in the mud.

The duo settle their differences and remind us to get tickets to their show at the State Fair.

Download includes high quality HD and SD mp4 files.


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