Please! No More!


Kym vs Kendra mud wrestle until one of them screams “No More!”.

Length: 10 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kymberly Jane and Kendra James clad in skimpy bikinis, meet in the mud. The trash talking starts immediately as they begin to grapple. Kym gets some holds in before being bent and pinned like a pretzel. Kym pull off Kendra’s bikini top exposing her bare breasts. She mauls them as Kendra screams in pain. Now it’s time for Kendra to make Kym scream as she stretches her arms behind her back. Kym humiliates Kendrea by yanking down her bikini bottom and smacking her clean white ass. Kendra doesn’t appreciate that and attacks Kym’s breasts, rolls her over and pushes her face into the mud. Kendra then removes Kym’s bikini bottom for some cunt-busting. The mud wrestling match continues until someone yells “Please, no more!”.

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