Kiss The Mud


Sara Liz and Samantha Grace square off against each other in a muddy battle. Who will kiss the mud first?

Length: 18 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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“You’re going down!” is the first thing Sara says to Samantha.  While true, it doesn’t take long until both women are on their knees and covered in mud. But who will kiss the mud first?  Caught between Sara’s legs, Sam has few options other than flinging mud until she is free.  Sam rolls through the mud and is able to get Sara in a head lock.  Breaking loose, Sara grabs Samantha’s breasts, flips her onto her stomach and plunges her face into the mud.  Sam fights back and locks her legs around Sara’s neck.  But her victory is short, as Sara climbs onto Sam, pushing her face back into the mire and yanking her outstretched arms to the limit.  Scrambling to get away from her angered opponent, Sam once again gains control and chokes Sara from behind.  Sara slithers under Samantha and places her in a modified grapevine.  Samantha struggles through the pain.  Things get dirty as Sara rings mud out of her long hair directly onto Samantha’s face.

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