Pinned in Mud


Nicole Oring take on Kymberly Jane in an energetic mud wrestling match!

Length: 12 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Veteran wrestler Nicole Oring confronts her opponent Kymberly Jane in the mud wrestling ring.  The animosity is instantaneous between the two as they lock arms. Through a series impressive moves, Kym ends up in a sleeper hold.  She fights back and traps Nicole in a muddy Full Nelson.  Breaking free from Kym, Nicole is able to lock her legs around Kym’s torso.  Mud and insults are flung around until Nicole performs an Armlock Camel Clutch.  After a reset, Nicole maneuvers Kym into a Scissor Hold and uses handfuls of mud to pin her hair down!

Download includes high quality HD and SD mp4 files.


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