Sarah’s First Time


Sarah Brooke makes her first appearance in the ring, mud wrestling Samantha Grace.

Length: 17 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Sarah Brooke makes her first appearance in the mud ring against a formidable opponent; Samantha Grace. After watching Samantha show off her strong body, skeptical Sarah kneels in the mud ready to face off. A ding of the bell and the match begins. Both women appear to be well matched. Sam grabs hold of Sarah’s hair, but is quickly pushed off balance and into the mud. The two trade moves and cocky Sarah ends up with her bikini top strewn around her waist. Sarah is able to sneak behind Sam and get her arm around Sam’s neck. The two squirm in the mud until Samantha grabs her opponent’s breasts. Breaking free, it’s now Sarah’s turn to control the action. She wraps her muddy legs around Sam’s neck. After wriggling out of the hold, Sam forces Sarah’s face into the mud. The duo continue the tit-for-tat catfight and use their bikini tops to choke each other. Samantha discovers that punishing Sarah’s breasts is the best way to control her. Sarah responds by torturing Sam with a muddy bikini wedgie. Sam is almost done for as Sarah dunks her face and places her in a sleeper hold. But Sam recovers and parades Sarah around the mud wrestling ring by her bikini bottom. But can she make the newbie submit?

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