Bikini Battle


It’s a battle in the mud between Tracy and Cordelia.

Length: 19 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Kordelia and Tracy tentatively enter the mud wrestling ring.  They explore the consistency of the mud as they circle each other.  After Tracy flings a little mud, Kordelia takes her down.  Comparing their muddy boobs, the action get more aggressive, leaving Tracy scrambling.  She is able to slip out of every hold so Kordelia grabs her by the hair and tosses her around the ring like a rag doll. Tracy struggles to gain the upper hand but ends up chin deep in the mud.   They pull off each other’s bikini tops, exposing their clean breasts.  Kordelia rubs mud into Tracy’s hair before putting her into a sleeper hold.  Tracy breaks free and gets her arm around Cordelia’s neck before locking her legs around her waist.  Slipping out of the hold, Kordelia end up on top of Tracy, pinning her down in the oozy muck.  The mud really flies in this twisted exchange, but in the end, they stay friends.

Download includes high quality HD and SD mp4 files.


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