Music Video Star


Kymberly Jane and Nikki Delano fight about who’s the bigger music video star!

Length: 12 minutes
Format: SD and HD MP4

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Nikki Delano listens as Kymberly Jane brags about the music video director she is sleeping with, and how she’s in the new Duran, Duran video.

Nikki has heard enough and pushes Kym into the mud. Jumping in after her, Nikki calls Kym a slut and pulls down her top, exposing her breasts. Kym is ready for a fight until she finds herself on her back being choked out. Kym scrambles on top of Nikki, slamming her stomach as she bounces up and down with her muddy butt. Gasping for air, Nikki rolls Kym over and spanks her. Tumbling through the mud, Kym locks her legs around Nikki’s torso and squeezes. Both now naked, Kym slams her fist between Nikki’s legs. Who will walk away at the end, and who will be left muddy and unconscious?

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